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A fusion of creativity and passion to turn your ideas into remarkable visual experiences.

TV & Film Production

Zindua has a proven track record of excellence in TV and film production. Notable clients like  MNET for One in a Million, NATGEO for Team Sayari, and the Festive Bread advert have all entrusted us to tell their stories in a captivating way that leaves the audience hungry for more.

Documentary Production

With over 12 years in documentary production, Zindua Limited is your trusted partner to craft stories that inspire and drive change within communities. If you’re seeking a powerful way to showcase the remarkable work your organization is doing, look no further. Zindua has the expertise to narrate your story in a manner that aligns with your organization’s vision. Some of our clients include Refushee, friends of Kijabe, Cindy Trimm International .

Production Crew Agency

As a sister company to Filamujuani and Enea Institute, organizations renowned for training some of the country’s finest talents, Zindua possesses a vast pool of skilled professionals to create a production crew. Our team has experience working with international clients such as Natgeo and M-net, equipping them with the expertise to handle projects of all scales. Whether it’s a two-year international production endeavor or a short film, Zindua is your ultimate destination to turn your dreams into reality.

Live Stream Production

Experience seamless live streaming coverage with Zindua. We bring your events and stories to life, reaching a wider audience in real-time.

Fixer Services

Our primary focus is to make your experiences in Kenya seamless and enjoyable. As local producers, we specialize in Fixer services for both international and local productions. We add value to your Documentary, Corporate Video, Film, and TV Production by offering the following services: Some of our clients are  Media Red ,Click pictures and End Poverty.

  • Filming Licenses
  • Equipment hiring 
  • Visa Processing 
  • Production consultancy
  • Location Scouting
  • Accommodation
  • Security
  • Transportation

At Zindua, we’re your one-stop shop for turning your creative vision into a compelling reality. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next project. 

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